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Since Japan needed commodities, which they did not have them self, they had to look somewhere else. They tried to trade and buy from different countries, but were not welcomed, since their reputation became one of brutality, forceful rampage, killing and rape. Trade with Japan was refused and Japan invaded foreign countries, beginning with Manchuria, Mongolia and China. Blinded by their victories and strengthened by their Bushido Faith, the Imperial Army declared in their fanatic chauvinism this war to be a Holy Duty for the sake of honoring the ‘Tenno Heiko’, the Divine Emperor. Their behavior and ruthlessness spread over the entire Pacific and reached President Roosevelt, who used sanctions to punish.

The Imperial Army was one of the three powers that in September 1940 signed a pact with Adolf Hitler and Mussolini. They had powerful plans and in case one of them would have trouble and needed help, the other two would stand by with weapons and troops. Hitler’s aim was to master Europe, Mussolini focused on North Africa and Japan had long-existing, far-reaching plans for absolute power over the entire South Pacific. It hated the Western Imperialism in Asia and wanted not only Asia for the Asians, but eventually sole dominion of Asia. They wanted to be considered the most influential world power. For their fast expending industry and war efforts they needed oil, rubber, coal, copper, tin and bauxite. Japan had none of these. The Imperial Army decided to begin with concentrating on the American-Pacific Navy. By eliminating this they expected to acquire the so coveted supremacy in South-East Asia.

And General Isoroku Yamamoto had a brilliant attack plan, which was already longer than a year in the making. President Roosevelt and Emperor Hirohito were frequent in contact because of the appalling behavior of the Imperial Army. But on December 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and destroyed most of the American Navy ships. The damage was crippling. President Roosevelt called this day ‘a day of shame’ and declared war to Japan. The Netherlands followed.

Japan became one of the three powers that signed a pact in 1940 with Hitler from Germany and Mussolini from Italy. Hitler’s aim was to master Europe, Mussolini focused on North Africa and Japan had long-existing and far-reaching plans for absolute power over the entire South Pacific.

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