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From November onwards, it is impossible not to notice that Christmas is in the air. Sparkling colored lights decorate town centers and shops, while lampposts mast Christmas symbols like holly and candy canes.

Early December means shopping Centers become increasingly hectic, often staying open till late. Sound systems pump out Christmas tunes and small choir sing carols in the streets to raise money for well-worthy causes.

Employers hold Christmas parties with plenty of food and drinks for their staff. Traditional eggnog may mean that little work is done after the party! Shouts of ‘Merry Christmas’ is heard everywhere.

By mid-December most homes boast decorated evergreen trees and electric coloured lights blinking around fences and draped over rooflines. Now-a-days fewer people post greeting cards to their friends and family, choosing to send email messages instead.

Lately, however, throughout these joyous festivities, people fail to consider the religious meaning of Christmas – and don’t go to church, not even at Christmas.

What do we expect from Christmas?

What about Christmas makes sense?

Since about 400 AD, Christians have celebrated the birth of Jesus. ‘Christ’ means ‘Messiah’ or ‘Anointed One’ – the title given to Jesus – and ‘Mass’ is a religious event.

There are others who have not forgotten the real meaning of Christmas and their children believe in Jesus. They recognize the little baby in the Christmas stable and are eager to visit – their little fingers touch Him with tenderness and care; their young eyes bright with joy.

How could any of us truly be able to forget, or ignore, or neglect?

As long as we have little treasures like our children, who believe, and delight in the recognition of the truth – we remember to celebrate Christmas for its true meaning – the birth of the Son of God.

These children are the future of our existing world; they are the ones who recognize Christmas for what it is and always will remain.

They will not forget or ignore, or neglect the meaning of ‘Christmas’: the birth of Jesus, the rightful Son of God.


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