• Pauline Kok


Happy New Year to all my followers; and all those hoping for that second book—a book in which I would I continue my story and share what happens after dad didn’t recognize me. Could this be my gift to you this year?

Happy New Year to all who are happy and healthy, to all who are young and vibrant and have a future. To all who are old and satisfied when they look back on a life of success. To all who have a future and the power to control it.

Can this be a year of less war, less fear, less terror and less dying?

Happy New Year to all parents with sons and daughters in combat.

Happy New Year to all men and women, working or fighting in countries where evil and torture remain a part of every day living.

Happy New to parents with school children walking alone long distances to schools, clubs, playgrounds and grocery stores.

Happy New Year to all who face their ‘end of life’ struggle, or try to come to terms with a future that has no hope; to those who have never tasted the sweetness of freedom, commitment, love and fulfillment.

Happy New Year to all who are desperate or depressed, to all without hope, without love, without anything.

And Happy New Year to all who have not heard this wish: “Happy New Year!” Not even once.

May 2015 bring you hope, peace, love and a future. A future without war, fear, terror, and with peaceful dying.

May 2015 be a year of gifts and giving.


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