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Hello Darling, you should be so proud!

The world has opened wide before you. At this time, allow me to send you some of the same words and wishes I used when I welcomed your little niece, Karai into the world on a cold winter’s day:

First just a bit of advice for you from me,

For I am old and you are very young!

Take your time to be happy,

For you are and remain a living wonder on this earth.

You are unique, lovely, irreplaceable,

Do you know that?

You will be for us all your life.

And just for you Renee…

For you, the sun will shine and the rain will fall bringing with it all you need to learn

– for life is complicated.

There will be conflict in your life – there will be tears.

But inside of you, you’ll find a way to accept and change the shadows into light.

Throughout your journey you will feel all of us around you,

we always will be.

We send you all our positive thoughts, and it will give you the power to accept the process of life, no matter the way, or the how, it unfolds itself to you; for you are loved.

“The greatest wisdom is the wisdom of your self

and the greater light leads through darkness”. (Tao)

So take your time to be happy for when I think of you, I have only the best wishes for you.

As adulthood steals away your play-time, there may be dark times ahead and times you will cry: but most times you will

Laugh and

Sing and

Dance and

Mostly you should just be happy,

For we all love you!

Renee is my oldest granddaughter.

She has just finished University and landed her first job.

Congratulations Renee.

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