• Pauline Kok


Hello darling,

Just a bit of advice for you from me; for I am very old and your life has just begun

You are a living wonder on this earth – take your time to be happy.

You are unique, lovely, irreplaceable,

Do you know that?

I looked at your sweet, sleeping face.

You must feel all the others around you.

You must be so very content in the knowledge that they love you.

And they have wishes for you. Like whispered prayers they tell you about their wishes for you as soft lips silently touch your forehead.

They tell you that you will sometimes cry; but most-times you will

Laugh and

Play and

Sing and

Dance and

Mostly you should just be happy,

For we all love you!

KARAI MALIA is my 14th grandchild, born February 21st 

She has 4 brothers and 2 sisters.



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